Make your home work for you

Studio Hooton tell us more about storage and good lighting throughout your home to make it the best place for you. How much joy your home brings largely depends on how well it works for you. Does the layout flow? Do you need extra space? With homeworking now the new normal perhaps you’re considering an extension or loft conversion, when reconfiguring an existing space is all you need. We speak to Emma Hooton of Winchester and London-based Studio Hooton for tips on adding a workspace without adding or knocking down walls.

Interior zoning
If your home turned into a school, office and playground during lockdown you may have found rooms blurring into one. Clever space planning and colour zoning can help you create distinctive areas for activities such as homework or office work and bring peace and order to busy family life.

Clever storage
Good storage will help you stay clean, organised and clutter-free. Attractive open storage can also be a place to show off trinkets and objet d’art. If you need to create a home office but don’t have a dedicated room, a custom hideaway desk can turn any space into the perfect work nook. Movable room dividers can also help you achieve a feeling of space.

Image: Studio Hooton designed this minimalist joinery to work on a study mezzanine in an historic city home.

Good lighting
Lighting isn’t just about aesthetics. It can affect our mood, reduce eye strain and even help us work better. Studies show that sitting next to natural light can also make us more productive and creative. A good room layout and lighting plan is therefore key to workplace wellbeing, irrespective of whether that office is in a Docklands skyscraper, an attic or a small corner of your home. We love simple clip lights that can attach to shelves above your desk keeping your workspace clear. Interested in making your home work for you? As well as full house projects we also offer a 2-hour online consultancy service which will give you everything you need to take charge of your house.

Image: A classic clip light from Original BTC sits neatly on shelving in the studio.

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