How to buy a shower

If you pick the wrong type, shower glass can be a high-maintenance, bulky burden! No need to worry, Ripples Winchester have lots of options that will suit your chosen bathroom style…

Choosing glass
Shower glass comes in many shapes and sizes and perhaps it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re first thinking about a new bathroom. Ripples designers have years of experience achieving the right result for each individual client; why not try their free design service?

Senior Designer at Ripples, Jo Sangster is always thinking about design and functionality,  ‘We offer an easy clean coating on top of the glass which is low maintenance and lime scale resistant – a dream cleaning scenario!’ Features like this are so important to keep your bathroom feeling like a spa!

Style and shape
Ripples offer a stylish range of glass shower panels whether you have a large, small, or awkward space like a sloped celling. If you’ve got limited space, how about a five-sided quintet that will allow you to make use of a corner effectively. ‘Wetrooms are a popular option but to make your shower warm and steamy, a shower panel or two will retain more heat than an open space’ says Leanne Robey, Senior Designer at Ripples. These come in many lengths so you can work it around your space.

And, glass isn’t just glass anymore, Ripples have lots of exciting finishes to explore. Crittall style glass can look striking on single panel with its strong, bold character and fluted glass is a new option for a more modest, deco-style bathroom. Dena Kirby at Ripples says ‘If your taps and shower are going to be brushed bronze or matte black then we can make sure all the hinges and handles match for a look that ties together seamlessly.’

Whether there’s one or three going through the bathroom everyday, you’ll want to choose a shower that is robust and will withstand lots of heavy use by the whole tribe.

If you’re looking for something eco-friendly, Ripples have showers that use far less water that don’t compromise on experience. The innovative AirPower technology on showerheads means that each water droplet is enriched with air, making it feel more lush and full-bodied against your skin.

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