Könings Detailing; the attention is in the detail

We chat with Michael Laskowski, owner of Könings Detailing, about how he puts his in-depth knowledge and expertise to use in providing you with an unrivalled vehicle detailing service.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers please and tell us a little about your background?
I’m a car enthusiast who fulfilled a childhood dream of working for leading brands within the car industry, including Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Early in my teens I worked on restoration projects then went on to work with McLaren Technology Centre for over seven years. During my career I have been a paint specialist, lead detailer and trainer in paint finishing, inspection and protection, and supported the launch of the McLaren road car models, from early MP4 12C to the most recent Senna. As well as working on preparing cars for major launch and release events at the Geneva, Paris and Shanghai Motor Show.

Aside from my passion for cars I am also a trained chef, and I love cooking! Travelling has also been a huge part of my life, I feel that exploring the world has made me the person I am today with the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest being one of my favourite places to have visited – that was a life changing experience.

What led you to opening Könings Detailing?
I absolutely loved working in the automotive industry, however,  commuting, long hours and periods away from home were making it difficult to find a work-life balance.

Thanks to the experience I gained working with the best in the industry, I knew I could offer a great car detailing experience to customers, so I decided the best way to do this was to set up my own business! I am now proud to be developing a customer base in and around the Winchester area, and concentrating on  building relationships with local car owners, event organisers and collectors.

What does car detailing involve?
For most car enthusiasts the car detailing world is well known, they know what they want and what standard they expect achieved. Of course it’s about car cleaning, but it is a skill that goes way beyond what can be done outside the house with a sponge and bucket. Detailing is about meticulously cleaning, polishing, refurbishing and protecting both the exterior and interior. I would describe it as an art form – the job requires specialist tools and products not found in the average domestic garage.

What services do you offer?
– Maintenance detailing (for existing customers)
A regular individual service to maintain the appearance of the car, inspecting the protected surfaces and top up necessary coating and protection. This can be two, three, six or twelve monthly.

– Exterior detailing
A one day service involving meticulously cleaning, polishing and protecting paintwork, wheels and exterior glass.

– Interior detailing
A one to two day intense interior clean using steam, dry foam, compressed air and the ozone generator
(to disinfect and deodorise interior). This restores the original appearance of plastics, leather and carpets,
and a lot more!

Additional services include:

  • New car protection with ceramic coating (new cars or early new)
  • Exterior detailing and paint enhancement (used cars and cars which have never had paint enhancement or correction before)
  • Paint correction
  • Leather restoration service
  • PPF or Paint Protection Film
  • Engine and engine bay detailing
  • Show and concourse preparation
  • Tailored services

Can you tell us a little about the types of cars you have worked on?
I have had the pleasure to work on not only some of the most amazing but also some of the rarest vehicles over last 15 years. Some examples include the earliest Ford T models, American classics, Triumph MGs and Jaguars E types through to more modern cars such as Ferraris and McLarens. I have restored seats in EX-Johns Surtees Ferrari 330 – found by one of my customers in a barn in a small town north of Kansas city in Missouri, USA!
No matter the age, make or model, I am delighted to work on any car that requires my services!

We hear you are the detailer of choice at Beaulieu, that sounds like a prestigious position, how did that relationship form?
Due to my level of experience, expertise and skill set I felt privileged when asked to work with such a iconic place as Beaulieu. I was introduced to them by a charity organisation that we were both supporting, I am proud to say that this is how most of my work comes to me – through personal referrals and recommendations.

Within the detailing business I believe it is not the glamorous detailing studio or size of the detailing company that counts but the individual working on your car – passion and consistency are very important. The museum environment requires you not only to pay great attention to detail but to understand the museum standards and have the ability to work to them.

Is there a particular project that you have worked on that stands out to you?
There are so many! Preparing the McLaren 675LT for launch was an honour as it was a very high profile event to be part of. Removing 10l of spilled Dulux paint in a family car last Christmas, now that was fun! It gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Although it is not the usual type of the service I provide, she came to me unable to find anyone else that could help so I was pleased I was able to accommodate her.

Working on the detailing and paint correction of a Triumph Vitesse is one that stands out for me, the customer was very emotional on collection of the vehicle and I was so pleased to deliver it back to them in pristine condition. And, of course, my first project in Beaulieu – working on an American Classic Auburn from 1935 was an unforgettable experience.

What are the advantages of customers using you for their car detailing needs?
Working with a very experienced detailer such as myself means they have access to the best, most advanced products and protection on offer. We offer honest and free advice and thanks to the great relationship I have built with the best in the industry I can offer a one-stop shop for all car enthusiasts needs. From car detailing and paint correction, PPF wheels repair, to vehicle source, sell and secure storage. We believe in building great relationships and offering access to the best products, offers and events. We honour this with an existing customer’s loyalty car maintenance program, please get in touch and we would be happy to give you more details.

What is it about your job that you love?
Having a great relationship with my clients! The feeling of handing them back a car that is looking better than new gives a sense of accomplishment to my job. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we love not only hearing the great feedback but seeing them return time and time again.


T. 01962 476915
E. info@konings.co.uk
A. Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7QT


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