Introducing Snug Shack – the Sofa in a Box

The Sofa Revolution has begun…

Snug Shack is the hot new Sofa in a Box brand
that offers stylish furniture that’s high-quality,
affordable and easy to assemble.

Say goodbye to waiting weeks for a delivery only to find it doesn’t fit up your narrow staircase and through your door.

With the Snug Shack – The Sofa in a Box Brand – you’ll get your self-assembly sofa in just 3 days! Then it takes only a 3 minutes to assemble (can I get a *hallelujah*)!!!  

We spoke to Rob, the founder and original Snugger, to talk us through the Snug story.

How did Snug Shack invent the Sofa in a Box?
It all started when I went to buy a new sofa for my home a couple of years ago. I made the measurements and then went online to find the perfect sofa. Like everyone, I thought, it’s got to be an easy little task.

Boy was I wrong… 

There was just too much to take in. All the styles, the sizes, the fabrics, the covering, the colours… URGH! I just couldn’t decide…

But then, after A LOT of thought, I found the one (at least I thought it was the one). 

I had to wait not 1… not 2… but 8 weeks for it to be delivered! At long last, my new sofa arrived… 61 days after ordering. 

But after the exhausting journey of pushing the sofa up 3 (!!!) flights of narrow stairs, it didn’t fit through my door. You can only imagine my face at this point… 

So, I go to return it… but nope!! No returns accepted. 

After I realised what a stressful experience buying a sofa is, I had a light bulb moment… What if you could buy a sofa, on-demand, that came in a box to easily fit upstairs, ‘round corners and through doors? You know… a Sofa in a Box? What if you could assemble it in the time it took to boil the kettle, without the use of tools?

The Sofa Revolution
I called on my 10 years in the furniture industry to make it happen. I grouped together a team of sofa rebels and we made the Sofa in a Box!

We created a quality, comfortable, easy-care, stain-resistant sofa that arrives in 3 days and assembles in 3 minutes. No tools, no fuss, no confusing manuals. Not to mention, it’s super comfy, with high-quality finishes and fabrics.

Snug Shack takes the stress out of sitting down. From the quick delivery to snuggle up on the sofa watching Netflix, it’s all Snug and easy. 

We started with the Rebel 3 Seater Sofa and from there we introduce the Rebel Footstool, Corner Sofa and Snuggler – all of which comes packaged up nicely in just 3 days.

And that’s it! Get your Sofa in a Box and snuggle up with Snug Shack.

Find us in the Bridgman Showroom
10 City Road, Winchester SO23 8SD

T. 01962 877695

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