Why is everyone building a Garden Room?

We offer a first class design and installation service, creating luxury outdoor living all year round

For many, the image of a Garden Room conjures up childhood memories of a simple shed: functional, practical and full of all that garden equipment that quite simply has nowhere else to go.  But that is no longer the case! In recent years, Garden Rooms have evolved into an extension of the home, a new place to work, play, relax and embrace nature. A beautiful and functional environment to call your own.

Under their Garden Room People brand, EOM Developments build Garden Rooms to clients’ specifications in heavy-duty, high efficiency SIP panels on a robust steel base. Exactly the size you want, with everything you want inside – whether it’s a shower, bedroom, aircon, heating or soundproofing. Their system lets them design and build you a bespoke room; you choose all the fittings, finishes and the services. Then they will talk, discuss, design, amend, finalise costs and send you the formal quotation.

Your own space
Unlike an extension, it’s a completely separate space, a home away from home.   You can use as a space to enjoy for yourself to step away from your day-to-day stressful and busy household or as the modern equivalent of a “Granny Annexe” for guests to stay in.  This is a room to escape into, to pick up a book and settle down with a cup of tea, practice yoga, write, create
or dream. With just the garden surrounding you it can be your haven to utilise as a  stress-free zone!

Perfect for entertaining
Working and relaxing are important, but let’s not forget that having fun is important too! A Garden Room can be the perfect place to entertain friends, especially when dealing with a typical British summer when you don’t know if it will rain or shine; no need to cancel any gatherings! With the added benefit of high soundproofing levels, they make a great space to spend an evening without annoying the neighbours.

Enjoy your garden
An extension is just that, an extension of your home, more bricks, cement and concrete and therefore less garden. A Garden Room becomes part of the garden so that you can still enjoy everything you love about your garden, but whilst enjoying the home comforts that helps us to relax in style.

Working from home made easy
With an ever-increasing number of people now choosing to work from home, a Garden Room can be the perfect place to create a home office. It creates a separation between work and home life allowing you to switch off at the end of the day as you leave your garden office. It also allows you to conceal any valuable work equipment away in a separate space so your home still feels like home!

Planning permission guide
Normally, a Garden Room comes under official guidelines for a Permanent Development and needs no planning permission. Maximum Room size depends on your garden’s size. Rooms with sleeping and living facilities need permission, but they supervise all necessary formalities and the procedure is straightforward. Careful management ensures the shortest possible timescale, without causing stress while your room is built and finished.

Why choose EOM Developments?
Theirs is a very different approach to designing and building Garden Rooms. They talk to you at length to understand your likes and dislikes; understand what you will use the outside space for; your tastes – and your budget. They will ask for your ideas and drawings, and copies of any plans you may have produced. From here their team will ask what size, shape and finish might be best suited to you. They’ll then send you suggestions, together with some initial, basic drawings/ideas.

Once the design is agreed they’ll send you a detailed quotation. When you accept and agree, they’ll get busy on your bespoke – and very personal – Garden Room.

Why is a Garden Room perfect for your home?

  • Adds value. A Garden Room can add value and appeal to your home with the extra space it creates.
  • Earns money. With the growing popularity of business such as Air BNB you can earn some extra money by creating a self contained annexe.
  • Creates extra space. The Garden Room can be used as an extra living space, for example as a play room, gym, home office, studio and much more.
  • Great for entertaining. Your Garden Room provides a perfect space to host a gathering for friends and family, without having to use the main house.
  • Quick to build. Each Garden Room is fully pre-fabricated in their own workshop, they’re then delivered to your site for assembly and finishing by their own professional installers.

If you’re interested in their unique new system, please have a look at the website and call them or email to start discussing your new Garden Room.

T. 01202 798051
E. Info@gardenroompeople.com
W. www.gardenroompeople.com

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