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The end of 2019 saw the opening of an exciting new healthcare clinic in Winchester. Winchester Wellness is based in Fulflood at the Westgate Badminton Centre.

Their bright and welcoming studio and treatment room are close to the station, city centre and benefit from plenty of free parking. The Winchester Wellness team offer:

  • Osteopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • One-to-one clinical Pilates sessions
  • Small group Pilates classes
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports Massage

The highly skilled therapists will thoroughly assess; injuries, aches or pains, muscle weakness or joint stiffness. The practitioner will then discuss their thoughts with the patient and decide whether further medical help is required via referral to a Doctor. Most likely, however, they will design a bespoke treatment plan involving advice, manual techniques, movements and management strategies specific to the individual.

The team at Winchester Wellness strongly believe that intervention at the early stages of a developing problem can help limit the long-term impact of injury and pain. At the core of their care is each patient’s unique situation and goals. Therefore, no matter what lifestyle you lead, this inter-disciplinary team will be able to optimise your health and wellbeing.

One happy customer stated: “What makes Winchester Wellness so different is the broad spectrum of knowledge and treatments you can get. Lucy is so educated in all areas and so you get the ‘complete package’ rather than things being looked at in isolation. The treatment room is lovely, lots of space and very private. The free parking is just an added bonus. I would recommend them to anyone.”

More specialist areas of their work include:


  • Previous work with cricket, rugby and football teams, runners, triathletes and Wimbledon tennis players, as well as a wide variety of weekend warriors.
  • Using expertise to cover courtside care at the National Badminton Tournament in February 2020.


  • • Following an initial consultation with a physiotherapist or osteopath, a member of the team can visit a workstation within a 5-mile radius of the city centre.
  • The therapist can check the desk set-up and advise on any adjustments necessary to suit the individual free of charge.

Health Promotion

  • Winchester Wellness are committed to supporting people become their healthiest selves.
  • Although treatment needs to be unique to the person, the clinic directors provide lots of free information and general advice across their blogs on the website, social media channels and workshops or group classes.

Until the end of February 2020, Winchester Wellness is offering a FREE 30-minute assessment to House and Lifestyle readers. To book your free half an hour session, call 01962790799 or e-mail hello@winchesterwellness.co.uk and quote ‘House and Lifestyle Winchester’.

T. 01962 790799
E. hello@winchesterwellness.co.uk
W. winchesterwellness.co.uk
A. Westgate Badminton Centre, Cheriton Road, Winchester SO22 5AZ

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