New Year. New Garden. Where to begin…

Many people don’t know where to begin and are looking for solutions to making the most of their outdoor space.

We are designers creating reflective, well balanced gardens. We always aim for excellence, focussing on elevating the ordinary into the exceptional.

We delight in using contemporary materials mixed with tactile natural timbers to create exciting visual and sensory spaces. Using our extensive plant knowledge, we create aesthetically pleasing designs that harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Our relationship to the environment is paramount. We believe in sustainability, preserving and enhancing wildlife; creating habitats that connect us with nature, promoting health and well-being.

All our gardens are bespoke. With mindful listening we translate your ideas into reality. A space that defines you and how you live. The garden you wanted but could never imagine.

Roxana specialises in wild, naturalistic gardens and is influenced by the landscape movement. She Qualified  from Merrist Wood Horticultural College in 2004. Roxana was shortlisted consecutively in 2018 and 2019 as a ProLandscaper finalist: the UK’s leading landscaping magazine and industry expert. Roxana comes from a family of horticulturalists and says more and more people are asking for wildlife friendly gardens, she recommends visiting her parent’s nursery in Cheriton or viewing their website which specialise in garden worthy natives and plants beneficial to pollinators. 

We welcome you to view our portfolio of garden designs

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