A Specification is the Key to a Successful Building Project

If you are planning building works then before contracts are signed it is vital that you and the
Builder are on the same page when it comes to understanding the fine detail of the contract so that you don’t incur expensive extras or end up in a stressful and costly dispute.

After 20 years of trading and over 750 building projects The Home Shop, Chesil Street, Winchester have a wealth of experience when it comes to executing a building project that runs smoothly and a Specification is essential to relay the Clients aspirations to the Builder.

The primary purpose of the Specification is to prompt the Client to really think about what they want.

“The Home Shop use a Specification Template which has been developed over many years of building experience. By running through the template step by step we ensure that nothing is missed.”

Then when the tenders are returned from the builders, because they are all pricing the same detailed document, the prices can be compared like for like.

Finally, as the specification forms part of the contract, the Client and Builder will need to referred back to this document as the work progresses, as all our memories do tend to fade over time.

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